In past issue of PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter we quoted Promise Keepers’ current position on Robert Hicks and The Masculine Journey as follows: “We believe Mr. Hicks’s core theology is consistent with orthodox evangelical Christianity, and that The Masculine Journey was a forthright attempt on his part to deal with male issues from a biblical context.” We conclude from the Promise Keepers’ full statement on The Masculine Journey that they still support it.

It came to our attention a few months ago that Robert Hicks has responded to our critique of him in Promise Keepers & PsychoHeresy. We obtained a copy of it and have now responded to his response. Our response raises questions about Hicks’s integrity (related to The Masculine Journey Study Guide), his theology (such as Christology, his use of original languages, and knowledge of Docetism and Gnosticism), and other issues, as well as his psychoheresy.

Hicks’s response to our critique underscores how deeply he is involved in psychoheresy and to what extent he is willing to go to defend his position. His response also reveals additional psychological and biblical problems beyond those presented in The Masculine Journey. Our response will be of interest to those who have read our critique of The Masculine Journey in our booklet Promise Keepers & PsychoHeresy. We are making our response available under the title “A Response to Robert Hicks,” Item APO8 on the Position Papers page.