Dr. Dennis Cuddy, author, political analyst, historian, and former senior associate of the U.S. Department of education, is a Christian with a wealth of background experience and knowledge. One of his areas of great concern has been the government’s Mental Health Screening program. We wrote a brief article, titled “Shades of Nineteen Eighty-Four,” in our January-February 2005 newsletter. It was about the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, which is working towards mental health screening and treatment throughout the schools and throughout the U.S. population.

Dr. Cuddy’s research goes beyond our investigation and provides Christians with information about how this will affect them and their children. We are grateful that several of Cuddy’s articles, loaded with extensive research findings, are posted on the internet at <www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennisA.htm>. The following is from that web site:

One way mental health professionals have tried to convince the people that they are in need of help is to broaden the definition of what are considered mental health problems. In the previous Part of this series, I referred to TeenScreen, a program screening 9th and 10th graders in 36 states for risk of suicide, anxiety disorders, depression, and drug and alcohol disorders. According to the February 2005 Education Reporter, “TeenScreen officials say that generally up to one-third of the students who undergo screening show some signs of mental health problems, and about half of those are referred to mental health services—for a total of about 15% of the students screened.” A typical question from TeenScreen is “Have you often felt very nervous when you’ve had things to do in front of people?” If this is supposed to be an indication of someone having a mental health problem, then who doesn’t have one? As you can see, these types of questions can additionally be considered an invasion of one’s right to privacy” (excerpted from “Mental Health, Education and Social Control” by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D., <www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis25.htm>).

Cuddy recently completed a book titled Mental Health Screening: How Will It Affect Your Children? The description on the back cover says:

The impetus for this book has been the recommendation of President George W. Bush’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, that all Americans, and especially children, receive mental health screening.

In the past, whenever there was controversial congressional legislation regarding children, it was easy to introduce and pass provisions in the bills requiring parental consent. However, recent attempts by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul to require parental consent for, and prohibit funding of, mental health screenings failed. This leads many to wonder whether there may be a larger agenda at work here, and it is in this new book that this larger agenda, its background, and its future implications, are explored.

This is a companion book to his book titled National Mental Health Program: Creating Standards for the New World Order. Both of these books are available from Bible Belt Publishing, 500 Beacon Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, phone: (800) 652-1144.

(PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter, November-December, Vol. 13, No. 6)