Our second issue of PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter in 1993 included an article titled “Sandi Patti’s Journey into PsychoHeresy.” At the time Patty (was Patti) had initiated divorce proceedings against her husband. In our article we accused Patty of using memories of abuse to explain her problems. We warned:

Caveat emptor: Be wary of any “recalled memories” that are first remembered by means of psychological therapy, hypnosis, or support group interaction or that come during or after reading a self-help book on sexual or ritual abuse.

In addition to accusing Patty of using her memories as an excuse for her divorce, we concluded that she had no biblical justification to obtain a divorce.

A recent World magazine article (September 16, 1995) states:

Ms. Patty, who claims to have been in counseling since 1989, attributes her pattern of “keeping secrets” to her childhood molestation, the memory of which she recovered in therapy.

The article reveals that prior to her divorce Patty was already involved in an adulterous relationship with Don Peslis, a former backup singer. Patty and Peslis both divorced their spouses and are now married. According to a Christianity Today article (October 23, 1995, p. 89), “Patty also admitted to another adulterous relationship.”

The subtitle of the World magazine article is: “Gospel singer Sandi Patty confesses to adulterous affair.” The title of the article is “She did it her way.” Yes, she certainly “did it her way,” but it was not God’s way. God’s way is not committing adultery or lying; nor is it God’s way to destroy two families and to stand as a horrible testimony to the world and to the children involved.

Psychotherapy may have made her feel better about herself while disobeying God and destroying her family. It may have given her some bogus excuses at the time. And, perhaps it’s helping her rationalize the pain she has caused others. But, that’s not God’s way.

(from PAL, V3N6, 1995)