According to Alan Wood, advertising representative for World magazine, an ad we submitted for free books on our web site was refused by Nick Eicher, CEO, World magazine. The reason given was that one of the ebooks we are offering free on our web site is about James Dobson.

Few people realize the power that Dobson wields throughout the church. Some have referred to Dobson as the Protestant Pope. Even though Dobson lacks the papal crown, papal ring, and papal authority over Roman Catholics, many evangelicals genuflect to him and some quake at the possibility of crossing him. World magazine would risk the ire of Focus on the Family, its affiliates, and other organizations friendly to Dobson if they ran the ad. They would also run the risk of losing subscribers and advertising revenue.

In addition to awe of Dobson and the fear of possible reprisal, World supports the integration of psychology with Christianity. Why else would they run ads by individuals who support the insufficiency-of-Scripture position? Because of World’s position, they would naturally support Dobson, who is probably the greatest promoter of psychoheresy in the church. The World magazine ad refusal is sad, but not surprising as the day of the Lord’s return draws near.

(PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter, May-June 2006, Vol. 14, No. 3)