During the past months we have made numerous phone calls to Catholic archdiocese offices, parishes, pastors and priests. In addition, we have called several Mormon (LDS) Temples, Wards and Stakes. And, we have contacted RLDS (Reorganized) Mormons.

In the numerous phone calls, we asked a variety of questions and were given prompt, clear, courteous answers. It became evident to us that, in addition to the well-known Seven Promises of Promise Keepers, there are three unwritten promises also being made and kept.

The three unwritten promises are just that—unwritten. You will not find them directly stated in their books; nor do they appear in any of their talks, whether at the rallies or in smaller gatherings.

It is doubtful, if asked, that the Promise Keepers would directly affirm or deny these three promises. Nonetheless, Catholics, Mormons, and Reorganized Mormons know that the three unwritten promises exist and they trust the three promises will be kept.

The three unwritten promises of Promise Keepers are very simply:

  1. Promise Keepers will not violate your doctrines.
  2. Promise Keepers will not proselytize your men.
  3. Promise Keepers will send men back to their parishes, churches, and wards.

If these three unwritten promises were not committed to and kept, why would Catholics, Mormons, and Reorganized Mormons encourage their men to participate? Would they send their men to rallies or meetings where their doctrines would be violated or their men would be proselytized and stolen from their parishes, churches, and wards? Absolutely not! And, that is what we were told in speaking to numerous Catholics, Mormons, and Reorganized Mormons.

The “gospel” message of the Promise Keepers is not the Gospel message. The true Gospel message will, at times, offend and condemn. Furthermore, true biblical preaching and teaching will speak of heresies and aberrant teachings and will even name names, as the apostle Paul did. Imagine, if you will, the apostle Paul having a “rally” and inviting the Scribes, Pharisees, Essenes, Judaizers, and others. Then imagine Paul committing himself to not violating their doctrines, not proselytizing them, and then sending the men back to their “churches.”

As we have said before, underneath the hoop, holler and hype of the Promise Keepers movement is an ecumenicalism that smacks of the last days spoken of in Scripture, rather than what some have called the “greatest move of God since the day of Pentecost.” This “move of God” is arguably the largest (in terms of numbers) and broadest (in terms of denominations) ecumenicalism that the world has ever seen. Promise Keepers was and is a fatally flawed movement. It is psychologically flawed through its continuing support of The Masculine Journey and its phallic focused god. And, it is ecumenically flawed through its three unwritten promises.

The popularity of Promise Keepers is leaping beyond the borders of America. It is going worldwide through Internet and through men abroad who are hungry for the feel-good ecumenical, psychological mishmash offered by Promise Keepers.

How did this flawed Promise Keepers movement expand from zero to over 700,000 men this year at its regional meetings in such a short period of time? How did it leap from its hypercharismatic, Vineyard beginnings to its current hodgepodge, which includes Catholics, Mormons, hypercharismatics, and cults?

One reason Promise Keepers is so popular is because there have been, over the years, so many predators appearing as angels of light and preaching all-embracing messages governed by the same three unwritten promises of Promise Keepers. The sheep have heard these aberrant and heretical messages for so long that the broad way looks like the narrow gate to them.

(From PAL V3N5)