It has been reported to us by Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) staff members that a procedure exists that can result in staff members being psychologized in order to deal with problems in their lives.

The procedure, as reported to us, begins with a staff member either voluntarily admitting or being told by a supervisor that he or she is in need of help for personal, marital, family or other problems.

We have been told that CCC (Orlando) has a list of preapproved professional counselors and this list is available to staff throughout the United States. If a staff member uses a counselor from the approved list, CCC will pay for the services. Our understanding is that the staff member pays first, but is then reimbursed by CCC.

We contacted CCC and asked if we could get a copy of the procedure for reimbursement, the standards used to get on the counselors’ list, and a copy of the counselors’ list. A CCC staff member confirmed that there is such a list and a procedure for counselors to get on the list. This same staff member said, “The list of counselors is about 35 pages.” This staff member said that the counselors who want to be on the list need to fit a certain profile. This confirmed the information we had already received.

We asked another staff member if we could have a copy of the procedure for reimbursement, the standards used to get on the counselors’ list, and a copy of the list. She referred us to staff administrator Jim Bengston. Bengston confirmed to us on the phone that there is a list of counselors and that there is a survey form if one wishes to be on the list. At that point he refused to answer any other questions.

We appealed to Sid Wright, who is Chief of Staff for CCC. Gwynn Marolis of that office confirmed to us from Wright that not all counselors on the list were psychotherapists. However, after sending questions in writing about this procedure we received an evasive reply. The “summary statement” sent to us by CCC did not contradict what we had heard, but indicated that: “We (CCC) do not consider it appropriate to discuss details.” We conclude from what we have heard that there are professional therapists on the counselors’ list and if a staff member is counseled by one of the psychotherapists on the list that CCC will reimburse. On March 15, 1996 we sent a letter to Dr. Bill Bright, President of CCC, regarding this matter and thus far have received no response.

This procedure, which reimburses for psychotherapy for staff members, is evidence of psychoheresy in the organization and an admission on their part that Christ is not sufficient for dealing with problems of living.

(From PAL, V4N4)