The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) is an organization that unabashedly endorses the integration of secular psychotherapy with the Bible. Recently we received a catalog from AACC about a “Certificate Program in Biblical Counseling.” The title of the program, which leads to a certificate, is “Caring for People God’s Way.”

AACC has “nearly 24,000 members” and claims nearly 7,000 enrolled in their certificate program. The cost to the enrollee who is given a $300 scholarship is $450. This totals over three million dollars for the nearly7,000 enrolled.

AACC’s title for their offering, “Certificate Program in Biblical Counseling,” is fallacious. The program is not “biblical counseling”; it is one of a number of clumsy attempts to amalgamate the truth of God with the very wisdom of men that God has warned about (1 Cor. 2:5). One will not learn to “Care for People God’s Way,” but rather learn to therapize according to AACC’s psychologically apostasized version of God’s Word and to refer people to professional counselors.

There is nothing unusual about this integration approach. It can be found in practically every Bible College, seminary, Christian school and church in America. The ones that are not integrated are the exceptions. This plethora of psychoheresy in the church is an abomination! Where are the pastors, theologians, and church leaders who are willing to speak out against such heresy? Or, will God need to raise up another Balaam’s ass to confront such an outrage?

PAL V9N1 (January-February 2001)