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Martin and Deidre Bobgan


Martin Bobgan holds four university degrees, including a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Colorado and heads PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries. Deidre Bobgan holds an M.A. degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is a member of the honorary academic society Phi Beta Kappa. Together they have coauthored twenty-five books, some published by Bethany House, Moody Press, and Harvest House. Deidre has also written The Beauty of the Disciplined Life by Grace through Faith. God has further blessed them with four children, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Martin’s doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Colorado qualified him for the Clinical Psychologist license in California, for which he never applied. After reviewing the many often conflicting theories and therapies along with their often contradictory techniques, they realized the whole business of psychotherapy was a hoax and were alarmed to see it coming into the church.

July Update

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Dear Friends,

After we published our original PsychoHeresy book in 1987, we thought the content would stir debate. It did stir considerable controversy, but no immediate interest in debate, probably because our message would weaken the flourishing confidence in counseling psychology. Many characterized our position as anti-psychology, because in most cases, the critics believed that the “psycho” in the PsychoHeresy title represented the entire field of psychology, which clearly reveals they had not read our book. Our objection from the outset has been about the division of the field of psychology called “clinical psychology,” through which psychotherapists are trained to counsel individuals and by which they qualify for state licenses. Briefly said, we are opposed to Christians becoming psychotherapists and Christians receiving psychotherapy. Ending both the practice of and the participation in what we call psychoheresy would end this secularly contaminated carnal means of living the Christian life and, thereby, bring about a new reformation in the church. It would be a revolutionary revamping of current commitments from the pulpit to the pew and from schools to seminaries.

Our charge against those Christians who become licensed and practice psychotherapy concerns the very words they use to deal with the problems people bring to them. Their counseling conversations clearly violate the teachings of the Bible! From the time we published PsychoHeresy, the psychoheresy we noted early on has mushroomed in size, magnified in impact, and contaminates almost all areas of Christianity today! The subject begs for a discussion, if not a national debate. During the years since PsychoHeresy was published a number of attempts were made to have a debate with Christian psychotherapists. One of us was invited to be on the “anti” side of several planned psychotherapy debates. Plans and dates were set up and confirmed, but each time the “pro” Christian psychotherapists withdrew.

A debate still needs to be set up with the pro-psychotherapy Christians, who would be required to present literal, live psychotherapy with all the words given that are used by the psychotherapist so that Christians can compare the very words used with what the Bible says about those very words. Maybe that is why the Christian psychotherapists cancelled the debates that had already been set up and agreed to by both sides.

While many still do not see what is hidden in plain sight, we are grateful to all who support our efforts to bring a clear vision to the reality of how psychotherapy involves sinful conversations, undermines the faith, and is running rampant throughout the entire church.

Contending for the Faith,

Martin and Deidre Bobgan

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