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Martin and Deidre Bobgan

Martin Bobgan holds four university degrees, including a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Colorado and heads PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries. Deidre Bobgan holds an M.A. degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is a member of the honorary academic society Phi Beta Kappa. Together they have coauthored twenty-five books, some published by Bethany House, Moody Press, and Harvest House. Deidre has also written The Beauty of the Disciplined Life by Grace through Faith. God has further blessed them with four children, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Martin’s doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Colorado qualified him for the Clinical Psychologist license in California, for which he never applied. After reviewing the many often conflicting theories and therapies along with their often contradictory techniques, they realized the whole business of psychotherapy was a hoax and were alarmed to see it coming into the church.

September Update

Dear Friends,

Our recent article is a critical review of The Care of Souls: Cultivating a Pastor’s Heart (COS) by Harold L. Senkbeil. The Gospel Coalition (TCG) and Christianity Today (CT) each gave an award to this book. It is highly praised in the “Foreword” by Dr. Michael Horton, who is a professor of systematic theology and apologetics, and it is glowingly endorsed by thirteen other notables in the Church. This book, having received awards from TGC and CT and much praise as indicated, is exactly what we warned about in our book The Psychological Way/The Spiritual Way, published in 1979. On the cover of our book, we ask the question: “Are Christianity and psychotherapy compatible?” Our entire book and our further research and writing give biblical and scientific reasons for our answer “NO!”

To illustrate our warnings to church leaders, we have used the parable of the camel, whose nose in the tent becomes more camel until it fills the entire tent. Another illustration is the small trickle that turns into a tsunami. There is also the example of the frog in the kettle. If a frog is suddenly put into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out, but, if it is put into a pot of tepid water that is gradually brought to a boil, it will eventually die.

The magazine Christianity Today (CT) began October 15, 1956, The Gospel Coalition (TGC) began in 2005, and The Care of Souls was published in 2019. It is doubtful that any publisher of conservative Christian books would have published Senkbeil’s COS in 1956, perhaps not even in 2005. Like the frog in the kettle, both CT and CTG have been in the kettle too long and not recognized the boiling point approaching. Also, like the frog in the kettle, the distinguished theologian, Horton, the thirteen other notable Christians, and the entire Christian culture have not even noticed this dramatic change from faith in God’s Word for the issues of life regarding the soul, to an alternative faith in the mere words of psychotherapy.

Our gratitude to those of you who recognize that pastors referring congregants to psychotherapists is one of the greatest last-days’ heresies. We are grateful for all who support our efforts to alert those who will listen, learn, and believe that God has provided all a believer needs to deal with the trials, tribulations, and troubles of life, without the assistance of a psychotherapist!

Blessings in Christ, Who is our only hope,

Martin and Deidre Bobgan

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