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Martin and Deidre Bobgan

Martin Bobgan holds four university degrees, including a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Colorado and heads PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries. Deidre Bobgan holds an M.A. degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is a member of the honorary academic society Phi Beta Kappa. Together they have coauthored twenty-five books, some published by Bethany House, Moody Press, and Harvest House. Deidre has also written The Beauty of the Disciplined Life by Grace through Faith. God has further blessed them with four children, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Martin’s doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Colorado qualified him for the Clinical Psychologist license in California, for which he never applied. After reviewing the many often conflicting theories and therapies along with their often contradictory techniques, they realized the whole business of psychotherapy was a hoax and were alarmed to see it coming into the church.

July Update

Dear Friends,

We have recently parted company with a longtime supporter of our ministry over our review and video clip of Dr. John Street counseling Joe (a pastor) and his wife, Julie. The 14-minute video, which was available to be seen as part of the article, revealed some evil speaking on the part of Joe about Julie, even to the extent of Joe complaining about their sex life!

The endnotes included the URL to the entire counseling session for those who might want to see the video clip in its context. A former long-time supporter viewed the entire session during which, at the end, Joe repents and asks Julie to forgive him. Instead of recognizing the point we were making about how sinful speaking is engendered in problem-centered counseling, this former supporter said, “I think the 14-minute excerpt you showed was misleading and unfair.”

As we have indicated, we have seen over 100 videos of counseling sessions by leaders in the biblical counseling movement. The videos involve sinful speaking because of the problem-centered format, in which private interpersonal problems are presented and pursued, as in the 14-minute video segment we showed.

There is no question as to whether Joe is sinning against Julie in violation of loving Julie as commanded by Scripture (Eph 5:22-28) and doubly so in front of a third party. Our former supporter is male. In contrast, a female responded to the article by saying, “This is ALL marriage counseling. Sinful exchanges that start with ‘What’s wrong with your spouse?’”

Every word spoken by both the counselor and the counselee must conform to Scripture or the counseling will be sinful. Joe’s words involved accusations against Julie, the very one he is biblically commanded to love. Street’s choice of questions provoked more sinful speaking, including Street asking Joe about “your sexual relationship.”

Hopefully our readers understand our views on how problem-centered counseling involves sinful conversations, which continue to be hidden in plain sight for too many Christians.

Blessings In Christ, Who is our only hope,

Martin and Deidre Bobgan

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