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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bobgan,

Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the Lord these last 50 years of ministry! You have been a lone voice in the wilderness warning of the dangers of psychology in the church. I have been so edified and corrected to look to the Word of God alone for its sufficiency to help heal my soul and minister the same to others.   

– California


Martin and Deidre

Please know how much your contagious commitment to the sovereignty of God, the sufficiency of Christ, the supply of the Spirit, and the surety of the Scriptures and nothing else—nothing less—has thoroughly equipped and enriched me to continue diligent and discerning on my pilgrimage to that City Whose Builder and Maker is God for nearly 40 years now. This year yet another son relocated to his heavenly home, at 48 years old. It is your effectual emphasis, your relentless reminders of the purity and power and precepts of the Scriptures that have built me up in The Faith once delivered unto the saints and thus enabled me to raise 5 children, teach 16 grandchildren, and bury 2 husbands and 2 sons. It is so, it is so, that it is good to be afflicted that I might learn God’s Word. Nothing manmade, no counsel contrived and contorted satisfies, settles, strengthens, schools, or gives songs in the night like the Bible. In the multitude of my thoughts within me it is God’s counsel and comfort and compass alone that delight my soul.

When He takes my breath away—and He does—He yet makes me breath again with His God-breathed Word!! Thank you, thank you for your part in convincing me that God has indeed given us all things necessary for godliness and life.           

– Minnesota


Dr. Bobgan,

I just wanted to drop a note to you to express my appreciation to you and Deidre for your service to the Lord over these many years. I think that PsychoHeresy continues to move into our churches across our country, but the Lord is Sovereign and will not allow it to advance any further than His sovereign purposes allow. Because of this, His people have the opportunities to expose this movement and tell others (like you have done) how we must uphold the Scriptures and defend it against the advances of the enemy. I will continue to uphold you in prayer that you will be strengthened by the power of His might until the day He calls you to your rest.

– Florida


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bobgan,

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank Him for your years of service and teaching which have helped me immensely and been a source to share with many others. I shall continue to send people to your website and free ebooks. Your work and clear teaching have always been an encouragement and increased my discernment.       

– Prisoner


Dear Bobgans,

I am continuing to pray for you both to have good health and energy to continue your “carry on” determination to reveal the lie that is in plain sight. I appreciate so much your discernment and encouragement that your ministry has revealed by opening people’s eyes to the Truth, and I believe God will reward you greatly! So, carry on, Bobgans!   

– California


To bobgan@pamweb.org,

I was certified as a NANC counselor over a decade ago. I was the first layperson and first woman to do so. It didn’t take me long to figure out I wanted out of the counseling ministry for all the reasons you have documented.

A few years later I became depressed. (I should have left the church but sadly did not!). The church set me up with two elders’ wives as my counselors.  My depression only deepened as they cut me off from the rest of the church through texts and emails. The counselors pushed an unbiblical agenda of humanistic perfectionism. I could talk only to them. I ended up making a serious suicide attempt. The Lord preserved my life no thanks to the church!

I read the Puritans and their rich Christology and the Lord delivered me from the false doctrines of counseling and the controlling manipulation of biblical counselors! It is not true people! Be the church and remove this from yourselves. There have been SO many people hurt by this unscriptural movement. Flee!            

– Former Counselor


To: bobgan@pamweb.org:

I continually think of John 15:5: “Without Me, you can do nothing.” I used to be a school psychologist. I realized that man cannot heal the heart from sin through human efforts. It is a miracle of grace.   

– Email


Martin and Deidre,

Thank you so much, , for your ministry. I became aware of your books about five years ago, and now have a collection which I highly value. Prior to acquiring the books Psychoheresy and Prophets of Psychoheresy II, I had taken an interest in psychology. I was around 60 years old at the time and had the intention of broadening my knowledge. I didn’t get very far in that pursuit. Evidently the Lord intervened, and by His grace led me in the right direction. I was stunned to learn the truth about psychotherapy. I found it very interesting that there are secular psychiatrists and psychologists who had become disillusioned and had seen the flaws and failures of their own beliefs and practices. I am very grateful for your books. Your love for the Lord and His all-sufficient Word is very evident as you speak the truth in love.

I am looking forward to reading your online articles, archives and current. In fact, I have already found articles about Jim Daly at FOTF, which are extremely helpful and answer questions I have had.  I used to listen to his program on the radio. It is confusing because of the mixture of some biblical truth. I also listened to New Life Live with Steve Arterburn for a couple of years. I am continuing to learn from you and appreciate any resources. The Lord has given me a hunger for His Word, the Bible, and I am amazed at the difference in my life, the work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification. Again, many thanks. I keep you in my prayers.         

– Email



I wanted to say that in this world that is more and more removed from the Truth, I feel revived when I read your materials, encouraged to continue and not listen to what is around me, in Christian circles. I am extremely thankful for the work you have graciously invested in and that the Lord has provided through you.

May the Lord bless you!


Dear Bobgans,

I have read your books since you began publishing, but I am finding your material to be more gripping than ever. Your material is wonderfully harmonious with the Scriptural approach to addressing matter, and I love it. Keep up the good work! 

– California


Hi Martin and Deidre,

I was so glad to read that you are scaling back a little bit. Maybe now you will be able to live to a ripe old age, ha ha.

I have been meaning to write you about something I came across awhile back in the introduction of a book called Gentle and Lowly, by Dane Ortlund, chief publishing author at Crossway. The intro was also written by Ortlund. In it he writes, “A wife may tell you much about her husband–his height, his eye color, his eating habits, his education, his job, his handiness around the house, his best friend, his hobbies, his Myers-Briggs personality profile, his favorite sports team.” I have not delved into the book past the introduction, but it is highly commended by the usual luminaries and may very well be a good book in general. But there it is in the introduction “his Myers-Briggs personality profile.” The mere casual mention of this personality test lends credence to the test and totally undermines any hope that Ortlund might have spiritual discernment, in my opinion.

Well, my rant is now over. I hope you both are well and basking in the glory of God’s many blessings.   

– New York


Dear Deidre and Martin,

Enclosed is a small donation. Thanks for your work over the years on behalf of the Lord Jesus. I’ve found it very helpful having many years of Psychoheresy Awareness Letter and a number of your books. I’ll be looking forward to your online articles. I have particularly appreciated your reliance on the SOLA Scriptura principle.    

– Massachusetts


Dear Bobgans,

Hope you are both doing well. I have been familiar with your ministry for many years and pray the Lord continues to grant you the strength to keep pressing on. The church is in a mess today with false teaching.           



Dear Martin & Deidre,

Thanks for your gospel labors. We need unobstructed views into the glorious Gospel of Christ. You both help others to get unobstructed sights of the glory of the triune God in the gospel.      

– Virginia


Dearest Deidre and Martin,

The LORD Blesses You! After reading your email/newsletter and the change of season that is approaching for your work, I am humbled by your words: “Our Gratitude: We thank God for calling us to this work and for giving us the opportunity to warn believers regarding the many facets of psychoheresy that have invaded the lives of Christians. We are grateful to all of you who have read our newsletters, shared them with others, supported our efforts, and prayed for this work.”

Out of The Blue, many years ago. I received a book in the mail, Competent to Minister: The Biblical Care of Souls. It was such a great Eye opener and really caused my life to continue to grow in God’s Grace.

Just wanting you to know that I do remember you both in Prayer, Daily, Phil 1:2-5: “For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now.” In my recollection, that fellowship with you in the Gospel began when way back then I received that beautiful book in the mail! Since then, your Newsletters, further books and videos have really help me learn to love that Highly MAGNIFIED TRUTH of The Word of God! Psalm 138:2.  Washington

Then to be able to meet up for lunch back in October makes me wish I did not take so long to finally meet you in person. You have encouraged me as it were, In truth as an epistle now written in my heart, and for that I am Eternally Grateful! Many in my Family have been, as Philemon 1 declares, “For we have great joy and consolation in thy love, because the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee.”    

– Washington


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