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Dear Bobgans,

When I entered the ministry over 40 years ago and encountered various problems that people have, I was always very uncomfortable with the idea that there was “something” people could do outside of familiarizing themselves with the Bible, a most practical book of solutions, praying alone and with friends, and fellowshipping and worshipping with other Christians. I felt overwhelmed as a young pastor with the “super solutions to the problems of life” that psychology offered and so many Christians totally embraced.

Thank the Lord I found your material. I have read several of your books through these many years, and the last two, the one about Christian Sodomy and S.H.A.M.E! They are powerful, truthful, and so much needed by Christians today.

I am practically 69, just retired as pastor, and admittedly very worried about what we will do when you cannot continue your ministry. I know of very few similar ministries that combat the plague of Psychology the way you have. I privately mourn the extreme loss of vital information that is reaching the church these days. But, like you, I know the Lord Jesus will appear soon and we will experience the reverse of all things evil and wrong. Many thanks for your years of labor. I will follow what you try to do now as long as I am able.               

– Retired Pastor


Dear Martin and Deidre:

Carol and I have been supporters of you two for several years now, and I have, I think, all of your books in my library of sources. We truly identify with all of your exposés of dangerous and sidetracking heresies that have wooed both believers and unbelievers away from the authority of the only book our Lord ever wrote.

We, too, are in our 80s’s now, and fully identify with your limitations of energy and health. The Lord has been good to you two and has allowed you to put into writing from a perspective few have attained with such a biblical and scholastic acumen.

We were able to attend one of your conferences on the East Coast many years ago. Thank you so much. We will continue to support your efforts to keep people informed online. In addition, we will with joy look forward to greeting you in heaven (hopefully at the Rapture) to say the same thing in person. May His grace continue to be your and our supply until we leave for “home.”        

– North Carolina


Dear Martin & Deidre,

I was sad to read that the newsletter will be ceasing, yet I can’t say that it came as a surprise. You have provided a rewarding service to Truth for many years, and I know you are both getting up in years. You have certainly been a blessing to me.

I have always passed the issues of your newsletter to others as they arrived, so each copy has reached far more that those to whom they were addressed. You have spoken to an issue that has been instrumental in changing the very culture and thinking in western society to the point where we are today. Indeed, the day can appear bleak. But for those of us who reside in the Lord there is always promise and hope.

Thank you for the ministry you have provided. You have made and remain to be a wonderful team.                

– Prisoner


To bobgan@pamweb.org:

Thank you so much for your ministry. When I thought, as a Christian, I needed therapy for the sexual abuse I suffered as a child by my father, God in His mercy placed a hedge of protection around me and my family. I could not afford any therapy. I did fall for self-help so-called Christian books. I also fell for many deceptions, but again God in His mercy and grace rescued me from these. When I was desperate and called out to the Lord, it was His word that brought healing. It was through biblical forgiveness I began to heal. It wasn’t dwelling on what happened that brought healing. I still have moments where all the betrayal I experienced in my family because of the abuse gets me down but in those moments I turn to God and His sure word and I find hope and joy.

It is because of your ministry and books I was able to relate this to my children and show them the deception of psychology [psychological counseling]. The schools both high school and college push this on the children. Now in schools they push mindfulness and yoga. I was able to warn my children how damaging and dangerous these two practices are. But what is more disconcerting is the number of “Christian” psychologists there are now. It grieves me so much to see Christians falling for the vain philosophies and psychologies of the world. All it does is lead one further and further from God. God and His word are the hope for healing for a believer. Again, thank you. God bless you all.               

– Email


Hi There,

I just wanted to say thank you for making your ebooks available so freely and for spreading God’s truth. I’m a Christian and am training to be a Psychiatrist based in the UK. I had an interest in psychotherapy until a few years ago and have come to the very same conclusion as you both have on the topic of psychology & psychotherapy. I actually think it enthrones the flesh and ignores the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying power.

I’m discovering that many of the psychological concepts widely accepted today are totally against scriptural teaching and are steeped in heretical demonic teachings of the East.

Truth, (God’s truth) is transformative and it has been given to us to shape us into Christ-likeness. I believe that engaging in spiritual disciplines such as cognitive prayer and absorbing and studying and meditating on the word of God (logos to rhema) is the only “psychotherapy” we need, (Romans 12 v 2).

May the LORD bless your work and may He encourage and strengthen His people through your efforts to disseminate His truth and to dispel distractions and other gospels. Thank you for your faithfulness and courage.         

– United Kingdom


Martin and Deidre,

I love your opening paragraphs [on the front of your March-April newsletter]. As you may recall, I have not received a degree in psychology, yet, giving my time and energy to knowing the word of God my eyes are open to see the truth and to detect error. When you know the Scriptures, you discover that you do not have a need for man’s psychology. Thanks again for all you do, and for the resources and material you have made available to me.                     

– Oregon Pastor



English is my second language, but I enjoy your newsletters, it is a treasure for a lifetime. I am in Guatemala, Central America. and I really thank the Lord for your ministry.     

– Guatemala


Hello Martin & Deidre,

Thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry the Lord has given you for the church’s sake. The September/October 2004 issue of the Psychoheresy Awareness Letter has an article [“Willow Creek & Psychoheresy,” https://pamweb.org/psychoheresy-and-christian-organizations/willow-creek-psychoheresy-2/] with an important quote from Mrs. Bill Hybels that is very stunning. Stunning in a disastrous sense. I want to show this to an earnest brother who considers the Hybels and Willow Creek church “mainstream evangelicalism.” It is more likely, in my opinion, that Mrs. Hybels is not a regenerate person. Whether or not she is regenerate, still, her comments on Paul, and the prophets are stunningly bad.                


Dear Martin & Deidre,

I just got the March-April newsletter. So sad, but I understand.

I thank God for you and your ministry, so important for my own life and ministry. You have confirmed everything I believe from my own studies.           

-California Pastor


Dear Martin and Deidre,

I have been following your ministry for many years and am grateful for the excellent faithful work you are doing to warn the church of this dreadful heresy.

Due to my having been in non-English speaking work, I have never read many of the books you were critiquing, but these last two issues have been more relevant for me.

May the Lord richly bless you as you continue on so faithfully in His work.      

-Ontario, Canada



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