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Letters from our readers as published in the PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
January–February 2020 – (Vol. 28 No. 1)

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Letters from Our Readers (V28N1)

Hi Martin & Deidre,

Blessings. Reading your newsletter article on the medical model of mental illness, it is almost too easy to overlook the first sentence, that the Christian response is a tragedy. If we had a friend who hurt their leg we might not know if it’s broken but would not knowing that stop us from comforting and encouraging them in the Lord? Of course not! So why would not knowing the cause of a person’s mental, emotional or behavioral problems stop us from comforting and encouraging them? It shouldn’t, but the church has been tricked into thinking that they can’t when they can and should.

Having compassion on a person who’s suffering shouldn’t stop when their trials are emotional. In fact comforting them is probably more important than comforting those whose trials are only physical, although many times they are inextricably connected. There is no difference, comfort them all the same.

New York


Dear Bobgans,

Your latest book is a great blessing to me. God, our Lord, continues using you in His service with His anointing, giving you sharpness and focus and clarity of mind and thought, as well as continued discernment according to the knowledge of His Word.

I pray countless more of God’s children read your books and turn away from so-called “Christian psychology” and counseling. This deception runs too deeply in the church and, of course, “appears/seems/sounds” so reasonable, logical, “natural,” beneficial, etc. Such insidious working of seducing spirits!

Thank you for your burden, passion, and faithfulness to turn and redirect the body of Christ back to worshipping the Father in spirit and truth and to stop practicing the “talking cure” of counseling and all of its sin-filled and self-centered conversations. Truly we are seeing Jeremiah 17:9 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5 practiced in these last days with basically no constraints or limitations whatsoever. This is scary. Thanks to Freud’s invention of “free association” and “infantile sexuality” (so sad and disgusting). All introduced to America in 1909 through the facilitation of Dr. Hall of Duke University.



Dear Martin & Deidre,

Thank you for Christian Response to Mental Illness. A very good reference book to keep handy when considering this issue. I especially appreciate your comments on pages 190-193 on the section entitled Mutual Care for Spiritual Growth, describing mutual care and how and what it accomplishes.



Dear Martin and Deidre,

We really appreciate your faithfulness to God and your adherence to His Word. We also appreciate your boldness in proclaiming God’s truth and your efforts to inform Christians, and all who will listen, about the dangers and consequences of psychotherapy. Your ministry is such a blessing to us and to many others.



Martin & Deidre,

Just started a monthly donation to you all finally, but really wanted to mainly say thanks for all your work in this area that is so badly needed. There are so few still speaking out against this practice of psychoheresy and we are thankful for your faithfulness to this ministry. We have learned so much over the years having been following you all for 20-plus years now. May God continue to bless your work and give you the strength to carry on this ministry for many years to come.



Dear Martin,

I have been greatly enlightened by your articles and books, but am constantly amazed at how wedded so many Christians are to psychological ideas and approaches and how difficult it is to persuade people that the scripture is sufficient for all our needs. The authority of the scripture is being discounted in so many ways these days. You can give people quite clear reasons why certain ideas are not biblical, but they simply don’t always want to hear. Anyway, I do thank God for your work.



Dear Deidre & Martin,

I am almost through reading your most recent book [Christian Response to Mental Illness: Mutual Care in the Body of Christ]. It is a life changer. It clearly teaches truths that are too easily missed in our watered down “Christian” culture (not speaking evil of anyone not tale bearing). Oh, how we need these truths along with the encouragement that Christ and His Word are more than enough. Spiritual growth must be the foundation of our ministering to one another.



Dear Martin & Deidre,

Your recent book on mental illness was exceptional. I appreciate your dedication & diligence in making believers aware of the corruption that continues to plague the church. I pray God will continue to bless you in your service.


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