Letters to the Editors

Letters from our readers as published in the PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
January–February 2021 – (Vol. 29 No. 1)

Thank you for writing to us. We read all letters, even though we are not able to answer each one personally. Please send postal correspondence to:

Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries

4137 Primavera Road

Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Greetings from Brazil!

I praise the Lord for your ministry. I’ve been learning a lot from you for many years now, and it is being very helpful in my discipling brothers and sisters here in Brazil. I’m also looking forward to reading your new book (S.H.A.M.E!). Oh, how we need Christians that uphold the sufficience of the Scriptures like you do. What an encouragement you give us by your great work! May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and give you health and strength to continue your valuable task. Thank you (Obrigado!).



Dear Bobgans:

As I am getting into your S.H.A.M.E! book, I thought I would like to let you know how this affects me personally. We occasionally have visitors to our Church that are wearing the “Fashions by See More Thighs.” It is very embarrassing and humiliating. You are focusing on God and His commandments then you are suddenly hit with this. Even worse if you are ushering or serving communion because you are exposed to it repeatedly. It also happens in businesses and other public places.      


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bobgan,

Thanks for the book S.H.A.M.E! What a topic. This is needed. Sadly, too many people probably just won’t “get it.” And, if any male mentions it, he may possibly be suspected for being lustful. So, this is another topic in a long list of issues considered “dead” by most churches. So, our blessed Lord is speaking to your hearts to continue ministering to the body of Christ. Thanks again for the newsletter you wrote months ago on June Hunt.        


Dear Martin and Deidre,

Thank you for your latest book, S.H.A.M.E! I am impressed with how many years you continue to do quality ministry and bless the body of Christ. You are role models for those of us who hope to continue in ministry into our later years and finish well. I appreciate you and thank God for you.


Dear Bobgans,

Thank you deeply for the book SHAME! This is a book that needs to be in the hands of every teen in this world. Why teen? Because, although the problem lands on every age, it’s a lot bigger with the teens and the 20-year-olds.

A quick testimony: After reading the book, I carried it in my hands as I went to work. A female officer who wears her uniform very tight stopped me and asked what I was reading. I quickly explained. She didn’t like the subject, for it hit home. But in the end, she admitted the scales are unbalanced and needed to be balanced. I will be sharing the book with others.                                    


Dear Martin & Deidre,

I thank the Lord for your commitment to this extremely important message/ministry for so many years; I believe you have been and remain vital “watchmen” for the Body of Christ….

I responded to God’s call to pursue college-level studies, believing the Lord had a ministry calling for me that included primarily counseling services. I subsequently completed undergrad and graduate studies (psychology & clinical counseling) by 1982, while also receiving ordination through the S. Baptist Church. I was seduced by humanism during my years of graduate school and completed my studies with a practical specialization in clinical hypnotherapy. Over the next nearly 40 years I practiced in secular clinical settings and have provided limited counseling services within a few churches using eclectic methods as so many are inclined to do; I did renounce hypnotherapy many years ago.

Although actively licensed by my home state, I will be allowing the clinical counselor license to expire without renewal in a few months. God has increasingly laid it upon my heart to fully reject clinical psychological methods/licensing authority and exclusively embrace Biblical guidelines for counseling, which, of course, includes the necessary leadership of the Holy Spirit…

North Carolina

Dear Martin and Deidre,

We really appreciate your faithfulness to God and your adherence to His Word. We also appreciate your boldness in proclaiming God’s truth and your efforts to inform Christians, and all who will listen, about the dangers and consequences of psychoheresy. Your ministry is such a blessing to us and to many others.      


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