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To: bobgan@pamweb.org:

15 years ago I was saved, despite the fact I was attending a Bible study group that I now know was a syncretic blend of the Word of God with humanistic Jungian occult methods.

Due to God’s great mercy and goodness, His Word did indeed work within me, and the Holy Spirit began to use the Word of God to open my eyes to the errors I was being taught. One early example was a Leanne Payne book, given to me by my small group’s leader, titled Practicing the Presence. Well, the title alone should have warned me, but I was a baby. I devoured the first several chapters because I thought at the time the Jesus she was referencing was the true Lamb. Soon, however, the entire book turned towards Jung and remained on Jung. I began to feel uneasy about that. The sentence that woke me up was when Payne, during her recounting of repressed memory counseling, asserted for some wounded souls that the “death of Christ was not enough” and that “further healing is needed.” Immediately the verse in Hebrews sprang to mind, that He is able to save to the uttermost those who come to Him. I saw this as a subtle, but direct denial of the power of the cross.

I was surrounded by women teaching this error. At the mega church I was attending, “Nouthetic” counseling was everything! The whole church revolved around “doing life together.” The counselors acted as mediators and priests and took notes on marriage counseling sessions. They do indeed get into people’s personal lives in a most unhealthy way. I don’t see this example in the NT at all. I do see illness and people dropping dead because of persistent sin and rebellion (1st Cor 10). The counselors later used those notes to control and manipulate the attendees. Looking back, I have no idea if any of these people are saved. Many of the women who were leading the way in this error are nationally known and have written books. Many have radio shows and large ministries reaching millions. One woman was trying to minister to me when I was a new bride. She suggested mirroring, journaling, and a host of other methods to communicate well with my husband. I finally asked her, “Why isn’t prayer and the Word enough?” Her response was, “I don’t know. It just isn’t.”

I now know for certain that she whom the Son sets free shall be free indeed. The Word is indeed enough and has sustained me and my husband, and He led us out of this deception and to faithful teachers of the Word. That is what the church is to meet for…to grow in the Word. That is the last thing occurring at most churches where experience and pagan mysticism are the norm.

When I first found your site. I could scarcely contain my excitement. Few are as unapologetically and clearly standing for the Truth of the Word as you are. Thank God for your testimony to the Word and warnings against this error. Please pray for me as I submit your site to a sister who is very deceived and has her whole family involved in this heretical movement     



Dear Martin and Deirdre Bobgan,

First of all, many thanks for your work and effort in bringing teaching about the sufficiency of the Scripture to us. Very few ministers and pastors nowadays seem to rely on the Word in the way that was more common a century ago.

Here, in Australia, “evangelical” ministers seem to be getting caught up in the psychological counselling movement. I am always surprised that Christians think they need more than what God has given us. And my question is: if God didn’t provide teaching for every Christian condition (as Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones said in a sermon), then why would God not do that? Here in Australia the media is full of complaints that people who suffer any sort of trouble or loss or disaster aren’t getting enough counselling. The church seems to be following. Again, many thanks to you.             

– Australia



I got the book you talked about called And Tender Blasphemies by Marvin Fieldhouse. In that book he has a chapter called “The Blasphemy of the Religous Psychologist” that was very good as well. Thanks for referencing that book in your past newsletters. I had never heard of him before you brought him up.         

– Wyoming


To the Bobgans,

The Holy Spirit led me to write a rather lengthy respectful challenge to our senior pastor regarding the adoption of Inner Healing practices in our interdenominational church last year. The pastor responded with a pleasant note, thanking me for expressing my thoughts on the matter. However, the church ultimately moved forward in establishing the model for counseling. My concern has been that this was never brought before the entire elder board and was essentially a unilateral decision on the part of the senior pastor. I continue to pray for God’s intervention & do not believe I’m being led at this juncture to do any more than just that — pray. My sense is that the Lord is in the process of doing a cleansing work in the fellowship from other observations, and my hope is that Inner Healing will eventually quietly go away; there are only a couple of people involved in the inner healing leadership/implementation, which I believe has not gained much traction. Love and appreciate you, both!  

– North Carolina


Hello there,

I have long had trouble with the book Boundaries by Henry Mc Cloud. I noticed around 20 years ago the Christians around me raving about it, and it has long since been a sort of ‘second’ Bible to a lot of people. It is still very popular today.

I saw back then how it altered Christians’ behavior to act in a selfish, secular way when relating to other believers and not with God’s love or according to His Word. I think the book has had a terrible effect on the church for the last 20 years.

I recently found a copy in a used book shop and bought it to have a look at what was in it again. The last time I read it was 20 years ago. I opened it at random and came to a part about friendships and marriages. The author was saying something about how it is “attachment” that holds friendships together and not commitment. It seems to insinuate if the “attachment feelings” aren’t there then it’s a farce. To me this seems very unbiblical, as God talks a lot about our responsibility to others and it’s never based on the psychological concept of “attachment.” I would say the Bible talks more of our duty to one another, loving one another, and laying down our lives for the brethren. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but just seeing this idea of “attachment” being a basis for relationships in a Christian book (which I know is a psychological concept) is concerning to me. I’m hoping you have material on your website regarding the book Boundaries. I will have a look. That’s also not to mention all the other junk in the book that I believe goes against the Word of God.     

– Email

[See the following two articles written by Debbie Dewart on our website: “‘Boundaries’—Drawing the Wrong Line”; “Unbiblical Boundaries for Self-Protection.”]



You both are amazing! I can truly say I love you. Your stuff has been a tremendous resource. I cannot believe someone like MacArthur doesn’t utilize you more. Such a shame. Or why Beeke doesn’t sell your books. Oh well, their loss. Your writings will live on for ever and ever. Reading you reminds me of the Puritans. Completely and utterly Bible saturated to the bones. Thank you for your years of toil. It hasn’t gone unnoticed.           

– Email


Dear Bobgans,

Thank you both for your most necessary ministry! My prayer is that you are getting refreshing sleep, lots of energy, and the determination to “carry-on.”     

– California


Dear Bobgans,

I continue to lift you up in gratitude for all that the LORD has faithfully brought unto you and through your lives. I pray that in these days of your daily meditation upon the scriptures that His quickening Spirit of Life minister deeply to your every need, bringing further conformity of your whole being to Christ.

Our drifting away from wisdom will always be the result of the dusty Bible gone unopened.

God, forgive your Body for the neglect of Your Holy Word and revive us all to a greater appreciation of it and fear of falling without return should we continue to ignore the wisdom within.                

– Iowa


Martin & Deidre,

I am very grateful for God raising up a couple that had such excellence and longevity in exposing what is arguably the most challenging deceptions ever facing the church. How many are held captive to one degree or another in these end days? The worry is anytime we change God-saves-sinful-man by changing definitions of sin, changing man as good by nature but corrupted by genetics, a mythological unconscious mind, competing and conflicting behavioral theory, we subsequently change the meaning or emphasis in why Jesus needed to come and die. I try to be measured and reluctant in weighing the awful prospects in what it means, but knowing that deceptions can only find root in what was not believed or to be deceived in how God redeems to begin with. Well, I can only express my gratitude for committed laborers in what is difficult to explain while finding the balance of speaking truth in love. There is much to know, well done.    

– New York


Dear Brother and Sister Bobgan,

Praying that both of you are in good health and blessed by our Lord. These times are not easy. Many hearts are failing for fear and others are in total apathy. It seems to be more difficult to share the Gospel with believers than with sinners. Time is being shorted it seems. One day blends with the next day; a week is gone and then the next thing you know, we are into the next month. We must be on the edge of the soon return of Jesus. Thank you for your continual ministry.       

– West Virginia


[Note: The following was sent to a friend from a longtime supporter of our ministry:]

Dear sister in Jesus:

Be very, very careful. What you need is not the secular psychology-saturated Biblical counseling (truly a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”), but true and faithful ministering from God’s Word, the Bible. After years as a trained and certified “Biblical counselor,” I realized this error and have repented, returning to God’s Word alone (sola scriptura). I recommend you consult www.pamweb.org for excellent and abundant resources on this topic.         

– Maine

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