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I have written you before. I used to be a psychologist, and now am a pastor. It really comes down to this. Yes, we are to “bear each other’s burdens,” but when we really understand the words of Jesus, “Without me you can do nothing,” and understand our utter dependence on Him for our healing, our righteousness, our spiritual life and growth, we will see the problem of psychology and “SELF HELP” books. In the last days, men will be “lovers of self.” I used to actually teach seminars on the importance of “loving yourself.” Now I quote Galatians 6:2 about being “nothing” and “accepted in the beloved,” and “denying yourself” as Luke 9:23 calls for. “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,” Heb. 12:2. “By beholding, we become changed,” II Cor. 3:18. Romans 7:18. I have learned that in me, or in my flesh, dwells NO GOOD THING. There is no “self actualization.” Psychology is a satanic deception and counterfeit of the Gospel of Righteousness by faith in Christ alone. The Bible does not teach that “insight” will result in change. You may feel you “understand” more, but the only answer to the real problem, which is our sinful nature, is Christ.    

– Pastor


Dear Bobgans,

I thank the Lord for your stand. Either the Lord is sovereign, or man is sovereign, both God and man cannot be sovereign. Therefore, either the Word of God is sufficient, or psychology is sufficient. For the same reasons, there is no such thing as “neutrality” in education.

– Wyoming


To pamweb.org,

You are right on. I agree with everything you wrote in your article “Bobgan Response to Critic.” Thank you, God, for Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries. I love your newsletters. I have a granddaughter who is 10 years old now and two years ago after her grandfather who raised her told a nurse at Hospice that he was her Dad. The nurse tried to tell me she was mixed up and recommended counseling. I flatly refused. At the age of 8 my granddaughter knew he was her grandfather and explained to the nurse that he raised her, fed her, bought her clothes and taught her from right and wrong and she even told her he taught me about Jesus. I was so proud of my granddaughter. She put that nurse in her place and I didn’t have to say a word. I just smiled at the nurse and then my granddaughter told the nurse she needed to read a Bible as she walked out of the room. I expected some trouble after that comment, but none came. Out of the mouth of Babes. Her grandfather loved her so much and always told her that when he died, he would see her again and she remembered that. At 8 years old my granddaughter knew the difference between a Dad and a grandfather.    

– Florida


Hi Brother Martin

Keep on standing firm and strong in the Lord. Psychology is nothing other than an alternative religion—for the white man, it is today’s witchcraft. How can it ever be amalgamated with worshipping the only true, Holy, living, creator God?!

– South Africa


Hello Martin,

I have been following your emails and articles for a little while now. For a lot of people to hear that the Biblical counseling movement is defective can be quite shocking.       

– Canada


Dear Bobgans,

We really appreciate your ministry and thank you for your efforts to continue bringing clarity and scriptural truth to this challenging subject. We will continue to pray for you and support you financially as long God continues to provide for us.    

– Michigan



Thanks for the e-mail. The article “Bobgan Response to Critic” was very informative. It is always refreshing when someone writes the truth. Thank you again for all you guys do. It always amazes me when I think about how popular James Dobson is in the church even as he promotes his self-esteem heresy from the pit of hell. It is as though nobody reads the Word of God, because if they did read the Word of God they would find out that what he is selling is pure poison. You guys are the only well-known Christian writers, that I know of, who have had the courage and integrity to expose him for what he has done to the church.

Yes, absolutely, you are right, we need a lot less psychology and psychotherapy, and a lot more wisdom and understanding that comes from the Word of God.

– Wyoming


Martin & Deidre,

We are told to think of things of a good report. You always come to mind, and I can’t help but to be grateful for your discernment and courage. It is easy to be discouraged or worse disillusioned, but you have been such a comfort and source of strength. Thank you.          

– New York


Hey guys!

Praying for you always, thankful for your ministry. Our last church was into nouthetic counseling. The pastor is a friend of mine. When I asked him how you could possibly do that kind of counseling without talking about people who are not there and to betray other biblical mandates he said that I must live in some kind of utopia. We remain friends but we moved on to a small Bible teaching church that we have friends at that doesn’t go for that junk.

I only offer this because you have asked recipients of your newsletter in the past to ask their pastors if they refer out. I guess the only thing worse than referring out is to do psychologically-based, flawed counseling right in the church. I noticed a correlation between their drift into psychology with a drift into modern translations. I won’t say that there’s a direct correlation, but I think that birds of a feather flock together. 

– New York


Dear brother and sister Bobgan,

As I look what the Father gave unto the Son to deliver to the world in need of the Savior, I see that the world did not find this desirable. Agape Love does not give to human beings what they want, but what God knows they need. When the word of God tells us to love our enemies (God’s/our enemies are those who are unbelieving), it does not mean to befriend – adopting their loves and what brings them joy—but to give them what will lead them unto Eternal Life.

Within my own Christian experience, I have watched those who desire to serve God listen to what the people want (using what modes and methods are popular within the cultural Christian circles of the day) giving them what they desire. I believe this is more common than we ever could imagine as we come to see our lack of fear of God in our lives, being instead full of the fear of man. I pray that we learn from our own mistakes as well as those of other good intentioned frail human leaders we have followed into this grave place of giving people what they believe is best for them.

Your article “PsychoHeresy Briefs,” which prompts the Christian community to see the roots of “Christian” counseling clearly defined, is a great, great blessing. Many thanks for your distillations of the truths you both have learned to lead us all back unto the Narrow Way!  

– Email



I wholeheartedly endorse your understanding of God’s Word as it relates to Christians ministering to Christians about issues so typically and erroneously thought to be “Christian counsellor” or psychologist’s issues. Your works are a blessing to the Christian community.        

– California pastor


Editors’ note: We have been long-time critics of the various facets and levels of Christianity for what we call “psychoheresy.” Over the years, much of the criticism directed at us has been accusation without substantiation, i.e., no quoting what we have said and then responding to it. Recently we received a three-page email exchange between James, a subscriber on our list, and the critic who signs as the One Eyed Cat. James asks, “Care to demolish the One Eyed Cat?” He then forwards the email exchange, in which the One Eyed Cat says: “The problem with the Bobgans is that many, if not all, the things they say are completely bogus. Indeed, the ironic thing is that the Bobgans don’t like ACBC [Association of Certified Biblical Counselors] or AACC [American Association of Christian Counselors]. I would say it’s best to take everything they write with a huge grain of salt. A salt block…. The Bobgans make many logical errors that the Bible doesn’t support. Secular psychology isn’t trying to replace the Bible or the church, no matter what random rabid zealots might periodically appear.”  Because there are only two of us here and no staff, we generally do not respond unless it is to refer to something we have already written. However, we are happy to receive and read such interchanges and encourage our readers to send them to us. On November 15, we plan to post our response to an article titled “A Critical Evaluation of the Anti-Biblical Counseling Movement.”

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