Letters to the Editors

Letters from our readers as published in the PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
November–December 2020 – (Vol. 28 No. 6)

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Dear Martin and Deidre,

Thank you very much for your latest newsletter, which is full of very helpful insights and information as usual. I especially appreciated the critical quotation about Jordan Peterson in your notes. I feel almost exactly the same way as that quote, although I’m embarrassed to admit I commended him briefly in that article “Psychotherapism: The Mother of Wokedom.” I endorse his criticisms of leftism in academia and society, but I also think his “insights” are pretty trite, just common-sense truisms dressed up to look profound, such as “Be responsible.” I’ve been really puzzled by all the conservatives and Christians flocking to him, and it also bothers me to see a clinical psychologist made out to be a great thinker. I really can’t stand to listen to him for very long. He just makes a lot of assertions and doesn’t really prove them, as far as I can tell. Deep, he is not. And he is certainly not Christian or Biblical. But then, that’s true of his whole field, as you know. Anyway, thank you for daring to offer a bit of critical commentary about the Peterson phenomenon. I fully agree with you, but I expect you’ll get a lot of push-back from his fans.

Bruce W. Davidson,

Dear Bobgans,

I have been reading your newsletters for many, many years and have read (and own) several of your books. But I was really jolted reading your July-August, 2020, letter. Not that it was anything new. I have been grieved about this since I was a new believer almost a half a century ago. But, what jolted me was to be reminded that this fundamental issue has not faded, but is more deeply entrenched in the church.

And, yes, I remember dear friends some years ago were feeling called to the mission field, but they hit the psychological testing wall. Thankfully, they found a way to fulfill their call without worldly ways.

And, you reminded me how deeply entrenched it is in Bible schools and in the pulpit. I know about the pulpit; I hear it all the time. But I was reminded that they are trained at the schools. Thank you for keeping up the good fight.


Dear Bro. & Sister Bobgan,

Your ministry of discernment correlating the psychological deception is so needed. Many Christians are trusting in government, education, false sciences “so-called” and “Christian” counseling, also “so-called.” Thank you both so much for your continuing faithfulness to your ministry all these years. May God keep both of you in His hands and keep you healthy and doing your kingdom work.

West Virginia


Thank you for informing the modern Church of the danger of blending psychology with Scripture. The Church as been invaded by an insidious Trojan Horse called Psychotherapy that you expose with your writings. I was deceived by psychology once, but now I know how dangerous it is to a Christian. Thank you for helping to open my eyes and God bless you. 


Dear Bro. & Sister Bobgan,

There are some observations I would like to make in this area of psycho-pass-the-buck, “scientific truth” your ministry addresses.

A problem with all of this is: It’s not someone else’s fault. Most of my/our problem is here, right in my wicked, deceitful heart. When we stand on judgment day, there definitely won’t be any finger-pointing by men at other men (or women)…

When this leaven system comes into the churches, it shows where people are spiritually (1 Cor. 11:19). I submit to you, that when these systems come in, the Holy Spirit leaves, just like the Laodicean church. Jesus knocks to be invited back in as people acknowledge their need for His grace, but if people can’t or won’t acknowledge they are needy, because that would mean “low self-esteem,” they are left to their own devices.


To my brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have read several of your books and have been blessed and I believe more equipped to effectively minister to the body of Christ, given the opportunity. Thank you so much and I will continue to pray for you and your ministry.


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