Letters to the Editors

Letters from our readers as published in the PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
March–April 2020 – (Vol. 28 No. 2)

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 Martin and Deidre,

I was glad to get a copy of your new book, Christian Response to Mental Illness: Mutual Care in the Body of Christ.

“We also repeat once more in this perilous, peculiar, and puzzling area of not truly knowing whether or not a mental-emotional-behavioral issue is biological or spiritual, one can nevertheless assume that people are responsible for their behavior and can benefit from biblical ministry” (pg 184).

In short compass your book is full of practical reminders and helps for what are believer’s responsibilities in how to minister to fellow believers, much needed cautions, and equipping a witness that challenges our therapeutic culture.

Thank You

-New York


Dear Brother & Sister Bobgan,

Thank you for including me on your newsletter mailing list. Your ministry is indeed a light in the deep darkness of today’s world.



Dear Dr. Bobgan,

Thank you so, so, so much for your book Christian Response to Mental Illness. Reading this book has given me the tools I needed to help minister to those in prison with me that have mental illnesses. This is an amazing book!.



The Bobgans,

Thank you so much for writing a book on mental illness. Your book [Christian Response to Mental Illness] is a warning to all true Christians that it is just a matter of time before we are labeled mentally ill.



To PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries,

Your newsletter and books are much appreciated! It is wonderful to know that there are conscientious and discerning Christians out there. I have gained much insight from reading your material. Thank you both for being “watchmen.”


Dear Bobgans,

Thank you for your faithfulness in standing upon God’s Word in ministry. Our study in the scriptures only underlines the things you have said for so many years. We have been behind you in prayer, hoping for many more to ‘get the point’ of coming out of what we now know to be apostate. Any time God’s Word is maligned and maltreated, His truth is ignored. Therefore, we have found ourselves alone in the effort. We continue to minister to prison inmates with biblical truth and have found that only a remnant will accept it to the changing of their lives.



Dear, dear friends,

Much to our chagrin, and as your ministries have been warning, our Churches, especially our elders, are all caught up in sending our troubled congregants to so called Christian Counsellors—even having them paid with Church monies. I receive your newsletter, have read and distributed many of your books—Much appreciate your firm, biblical stance and warnings.



Martin & Deidre,

We pray that God would continue to give you strength to fulfill the mission He has given you to fulfill. We give praise to God for using you as His instruments to build up the Body.



Dear Bro and Sis Bobgan,

I look forward to your newsletter, which I receive by email. My husband went to Heaven in 2018. He was a pastor and a missionary to foreign merchant seamen. Back in the early 1970s he preached against psychology, though there were hardly any who understood the danger then. Now that it has engulfed Christianity, even fewer reject this heresy. Thank you for sounding the warning for so many years. No doubt you have faced much persecution for teaching the truth. Please be encouraged to faint not, neither be weary in the battle.



Dear Martin and Deidre,

I am sending this message to you as I felt you were the only ones I could talk to about the deep pain in my heart upon receiving an email from Daily Bread stating that October has brought their inaugural mental health month. In doing my daily readings from time to time there was a brief foray into mental illness theories. I was able to cope with that. But to meet it head on is quite different. I am just so disappointed!

In addition to that, a brother in our church told us on Sunday that Elijah was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when he fled from Jezebel’s threat! As I have only been in the fellowship for a short while I will have to be prudent in what I say!



To PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries,

Thank you so much for your continued loyalty to the truth and allowing that light to expose the gross errors in the Body of Christ.


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