SOC is an abbreviation for our book The Sodomy of Christians: The Biblical View.1 In explaining our reasons for writing the book, we said at the time:

Over the past forty years of research, we have written 23 books and over 300 articles. However, until our two articles on the GRACE Report on Bob Jones University (BJU) were published, we had not written about homosexuality. We discovered that homosexuals internationally had joined hands to condemn BJU. The more we thought about this one seriously sinful and spiritually sick minority group and their mesmerizing of Americans, including many Christians, the more we were compelled to write about this subject.

An entry in Wikipedia is titled “List of Christian denominations affirming LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender].” First mentioned is the following statement: “Many Christian denominations do not consider homosexuality or transgender identity to be sins. These include entire religious denominations, as well as individual churches and congregations.”

Prior to the list, it says: “The Evangelical Network is a network of evangelical churches, ministries and Christian Workers that are part of the LGBT community.” This lengthy entry contains an extensive world-wide list of “Denominations,” “Denomination-sanctioned programmes,” “Unofficial Programmes,” and “Programmes not affiliated with any particular denomination.”

How did the church move away from a clear view of those who are involved in sodomy2 to the acceptance of the entire LGBT agenda? O.R. Adams, in his book As We Sodomize America, has a subtitle that describes a major facet of this transformation of the American culture. His subtitle is: The Homosexual Movement and the Decline of Morality in America. In his book he describes in detail a variety of homosexual practices with most of the book dealing with the relationship between the advancement of the homosexual agenda and the decline of morality. The back cover says that this book “exposes the homosexual agenda and the way propaganda has been used to gradually acclimate our society into viewing this ‘alternative lifestyle’ as acceptable.”3 Adams contends that “the homosexual movement is an integral part of the moral decline in this country.”

The Sexual Revolution

The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s through the 1980s dramatically decimated much of the traditional moral foundation of the United States. As external standards of behavior lost their influence, all forms of sexual restraint were called into question and sexual liberation gained ground and accelerated rapidly. Every deviation from God’s design that demanded acceptance, even beyond tolerance, emerged through the Sexual Revolution.

Alfred Kinsey’s contribution to “the homosexual movement” and the “moral decline in this country” has been well-documented.4 His most influential books are Sexual Behavior in the Human Male5and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.6 These books brought sexuality front and center and engendered interest in sex and its many possible variations. Readers were shocked at his statistics, but they did not realize the inherent bias and serious research flaws in Kinsey’s contribution to the homosexual agenda and moral decline in this country.

­Kinsey’s own personal sexual preferences no doubt influenced much of his research and particularly his research conclusions. He, himself, was bisexual. He and his wife “agreed that both could have sex with other people as well as with each other. He had sex with other men, including his student.”7 As a strong Darwinian, Kinsey contended that one had to look at the sexual practices of animals to determine what is acceptable for humans.8

In addition to Kinsey, academics in the fields of anthropology and psychology were eager to throw off the influence and restraints of biblical Christianity. Following the earlier influence of Sigmund Freud, who contended that there was a direct relationship between a person’s sex life and mental-emotional problems, humanistic psychologists, such as Abraham Maslow, and anthropologists, such as Franz Boaz, Margaret Mead, and Ruth Benedict, worked assiduously to throw off such restraints, not only through their teachings and flawed research, but some through personal participation in homosexual activities.

The Influence of Pornography

Another influence is pornography with its ready online availability and its addictive facets, whereby the more one does it, the more one lusts for more at a more intense dose, just like with drugs. Neuroscience reveals: “The surging of dopamine from viewing porn eventually subsides, leaving the person wanting more. More novel and intense pornography is then needed to achieve the same excitement as before.”9

Mary Sykes Wylie reveals in her article “The Unspeakable Language of Sex”: “While in America in 1991 fewer than 90 different adult magazines were being published, by 2010 or so, there were 2.5 million adult websites, catering to every taste, imaginable and unimaginable.”10 Pornography pops up everywhere on the internet where it is amply available, accessible, affordable (free), anonymous, and addictive. The internet has indeed become a venue for secret sin that enslaves the souls of its victims.

Sodomy: The Gateway to the LGBT Agenda

In SOC we restrict ourselves to the two sex acts of sodomy, as these have been the gateway into the acceptance of the entire LGBT agenda by those in the church. Based on much evidence presented in SOC, we conclude that the heterosexual involvement in the practice of sodomy is a major reason for the LGBT agenda being accepted by Americans and by many who call themselves Christians.

As heterosexuals become engaged in sodomy themselves, they become more open to the idea of homosexuality being normal. After all, they are doing the same things! The sequence is this: the practice of homosexual acts of sodomy by heterosexuals opened the door to swallowing the whole homosexual agenda. God’s sexual design is coitus within heterosexual marriage. It’s the only kind of sex by which a couple can have a child. It is God’s design for sexual procreation and pleasure, no matter how people may want to justify what they are doing sexually.

With the sexual revolution having broken down the barriers that used to exist, homosexual activities are easily accepted, ignored, or tolerated by most of society. As heterosexuals are fornicating at an increasing rate, with more and more heterosexuals living in sexual relationships prior to marriage or for however long they decide to stay together, who could be concerned about the sexual practices of anybody else?

A single short question, such as the following, will reveal what your pastor, teacher, friend, or other person believes: “Do you believe that either of the two sex acts of sodomy is sinful?” A negative response will reveal what the individual does or is open to in the marriage bed.

Christians need to examine themselves in light of Romans 1:18-32. For instance, how might verses 24-25 apply to heterosexual couples engaging the acts of sodomy:

Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. (Rom. 1:24-25, bold added.)

The general term “uncleanness” would include all sexual activity outside His design of one man and one woman in a committed relationship uniting organically through coital intercourse. The Bible does not list all of the forms of sexual sin. The word “uncleanness” covers them all. Sodomy is a perverse use of the organs of sex created by God for procreation and pleasurable intimacy through coitus. Joining body parts in unnatural ways mocks God’s design for sexual intimacy.

We are not saying that all Christians who are involved in sodomy in the marriage bed directly support the LGBT agenda, but we are saying that personal involvement in or support for either of the sex acts of sodomy has been the primary path of those who do support the LGBT agenda. For example, we have written two articles about Elyse Fitzpatrick11 and a book that she highly recommends titled Sexual Intimacy in Marriage, which supports the two sex acts of sodomy.12 Fitzpatrick and the authors of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage have revealed their support for marital sodomy, yet we do not know exactly where they stand on the issues related to the LGBT agenda. However, because Fitzpatrick is a very popular author and speaker with a large following and because the book she recommends has a wide Christian readership, many Christians are being led into marital sodomy, which will lend further support to the LGBT agenda. Christians who are involved in the same kind of uncleanness (sodomy) implicitly support the LGBT agenda through their actions.

PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter, March-April 2019, Vol. 27, No.2)


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