We have over 300 articles on the pamweb.org website and between 100 to 500 visits a day from all over the world. One of the articles that is accessed quite often is “PsychoHeresy: C. G. Jung’s Legacy to the Church,” which is about the occult psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). In that article we reveal that Jung denied Christ, searched for meaning in psychiatry, and moved into the occult. In fact, much of his theory of personality originated from the occult. People searching for the care of their own souls and for meaning in life apart from Christ can be easily drawn into the occult. As people began following Jung and his occult theories about the soul, they found each other and, in essence, became an occult cult.

Richard Noll wrote about this in his book The Jung Cult: Origins of a Charismatic Movement. The back cover of Noll’s book gives a brief description of the book’s contents:

“Jung’s turning away from science and his founding of a new religion which offered rebirth … surprisingly like that celebrated in ancient mystery cult teachings. Jung, in fact, consciously inaugurated a cult of personality centered on himself and passed down to the present by a body of priest-analysts extending this charismatic movement, or ‘personal religion,’ to late twentieth-century individuals.”

We recently received an email from Jeroen from Germany, who was deeply involved with and taken in by the work of Jung. Jeroen’s letter is his testimony regarding how the Lord dramatically rescued a suffering soul entrapped by the wiles of the devil. At the end of Jeroen’s email you will see a place to click to access an article we wrote on Jung that reveals just how occult this very popular and influential psychiatrist remains to this day, even among Christians.

Jeroen says in his email:

“I would love to thank you for your ministry.…

“After a year of Jungian analysis due to a crisis in my life, and practicing his medium and spirit-guide practices to travel in my own subconciousness, I got insanely tormented by demons. At the same time, I was reading and practicing Jung’s Aion (where he describes his deeply corrupt view on who God is) I read the Bible, and the Bible instantly won. I connected deeply with Our Lord and He showed me a wonderful supernatural miracle in which he saved me out of the claws of the demons and devils of Carl Jung. Never I thought He would be the God of REAL miracles, and not the phony deceptions I was searching for. Now I know for sure, HE is King, the true creator.

“Ever since, Our Lord shows me how deeply (although very covert) satanic Jung really is: it is freemasonry and magic and self-idolatry all combined into one big Red Dragon. The Lord showed me the rest of the psychology ‘church’ is not much better. So, after realizing all this, I was on the look for more information about it and I found your website, and wow, what a wealth of information! I am immensely grateful for all the research and material you put out. I already read quite a lot of it and sent some to a friend who got stuck in many years in therapy and found Christ as well. He quit immediately and relies now fully on the Word of God. Six long years of therapy did not heal him, but Christ did it in a few months!

“Same for me, I spent 20 years searching in all New Age, Psychology, Psychedelics, and even overtly occult material to find healing for my deeply broken heart. Nothing helped. Nothing.

“Now Jesus is working with me. My mental health has greatly improved due to studying and following scripture and Christ and your material helped me as well. The love He gives is such pure love, my heart cries for all who do not know Him!

“Now I realize that psychology is what keeps people in chains forever and tries to encourage you to break the bonds with family and friends and lovers and replaces them with selfish modalities and blatant illusions, in other words: more narcissism and more mental illness (and more disappointment and total degradation of social life). It is truly soul-corrupting in the deepest satanic sense. Psychology is pure paganism/pharisee/egyptian spirituality. All a lie, guided false gods/demons. Not at all secular, or neutral, or ‘scientific,’ as it tries to portray itself.

“I just love walking with Christ now. It’s like all the veils are torn from before my eyes. He truly heals and cares. Well, I don’t have to explain that to you. But I send this mail to show you my gratitude!

Our article “PsychoHeresy: C. G. Jung’s Legacy to the Church” is as relevant today as when we wrote it. And Carl Jung’s writings continue to draw readers into his appealing, but deceptive theories of personality. We urge our readers to click here and read more about Jung’s disastrous demonic influence. We pray that our article about Jung will be helpful to many individuals and that Christ will deliver many souls from the psychological and occult teachings and influence of Carl Jung.