Reviewed by Wayne Wall

If your state is like mine, most ministers, even with accredited Seminary training and years of counseling experience, cannot qualify for state licensing to counsel without complete retraining. And, guess what, the instructors are fellows young enough to be your son, but who have entrenched themselves in the system over which they have gained control and in which they perpetuate themselves by requiring their own books as the curriculum! Clever, what?

Martin and Deidre Bobgan have made a virtual career out of debunking the pseudo-scientific aspects of modern psychology. Now they expose the psychological testing of missionary candidates and the practice of subjecting them to mental health professionals for psychological care. They demonstrate how, under the guise of expertise, these powerful people have gained a veritable stranglehold on evaluating candidates for suitability and providing treatment for those experiencing problems in the field.

The Bobgans show how the claims, presumptions and the power wielded by the health professional “experts” are usurped, not earned; and have their antecedents in humanism, not in the Word of God. They take to task those who would venerate the worth and power of these tests and treatments not only on grounds that they are unscriptural, but also because they are phony, deceptive and worthless. Pastors tempted to delve too deeply into the methodology of modern psychology for their counseling paradigms should read the Bobgans’ library and repent.

(The Biblical Evangelist, Vol. 32, No. 5, Sept.-Oct. 2001, 5717 Pine Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606-8947.)

PAL V9N6 (November-December 2001)