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Letters from our readers as published in the
PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
July - August 2017  (V25 N4)

Thank you for writing to us. We read all letters, even though we are not able to answer each one personally. Please send postal correspondence to:
Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries
4137 Primavera Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Martin & Deidre,

I agree with your concerns. If we look to man to define our behavior within ourselves for resolution and then interpret the Bible to accommodate man’s definition and solution, are we serving God or ourselves?   New York 


There are those who spend their lives writing their lines of repeated “same-o’s,” and then there are those whose comments are fresh, newly researched, up-to-date and thoroughly biblical in faithfully expressing God’s perspective on daily living. The latter is what comes across with all your literary expressions.   North Carolina

Dear Martin & Deidre,

Reading through Person to Person Ministry a bit more thoroughly (a 4th time) has given me new insight and new strength to fight the battles I face. The clear, simple truths concerning walking in the Spirit and identifying the flesh have been especially helpful. I have read many books (probably too many) and no other has led me so closely to the simplicity of Christ & His all-sufficiency for whatever problems we face.    Oklahoma

Dear Bro & Sister Bobgan,

Finally completed your excellent exposť on Counseling the Hard Cases. Very enlightening, to say the least! I always remember you both pointing out the difference, many years ago, of inerrancy of God’s Word versus sufficiency. This is so evident throughout your book. I cannot understand why so many “learned” people cannot fathom God’s sufficiency. Phil 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” for all His tender mercies and gifts to supply us SPIRIT, SOUL, and BODY.

My wife and I read 10 chapters daily in our Bibles. This has been a glorious habit for over 25 years and helps to keep us on God’s Higher Plain of understanding.

We appreciate you both and pray for you always.    West Virginia


Wow! I have a new address again. The time I am spending in prison right now is because I refuse to follow the psychological way, so this state has stretched out my prison sentence. I keep eternity in view. As do you.

Thank you for your faithfulness!    Prisoner

Hello Bobgans,

Thanks for keeping us informed with your newsletters. I believe you are involved in an important work.   Virginia

Dear Martin and Deidre,

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the entire May-June, 2017 Psychoheresy Awareness Letter! It may interest you to know that a few years ago the church we attend aired a video series on Piper’s Christian hedonism.  My reaction to the content was visceral, though I didn’t detect that others in our reformed congregation had the same negative reaction I had.  As is often the case, my gut reaction was explained, years later, in this case by Bruce Davidson.

Christians easily fall into the trap of becoming respecters of persons.  Once a person is venerated, anything that person does or says is automatically accepted without any type of Berean examination.  Such seems to be the case with Piper, MacArthur and others in the church we attend.  Anyone who attempts to question such luminaries quickly becomes a persona non grata, regardless of the validity of his objections. I have wondered whether Piper’s affiliation with the disgustingly inappropriate Mark Driscoll was a result of Piper’s slide into “Christian hedonism.”

God bless you both, and keep up the great work! New York

Dear Bobgans,

Thanks for sending out your newsletter via email. Please delete my name from snail mail, so you don’t waste your resources on this. You might send out a request on this to everybody to reduce your mailing cost. Thanks for your work. I pass on your newsletter to people in our church.     California

Dear Bobgans,

I’m so happy God gave us you!! I just got your current newsletter. Still trying to get back on the internet so we can get your Counseling the Hard Cases: A Critical Review.     Illinois


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