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Letters from our readers as published in the
PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
May June 2018  (V26 N3)

Thank you for writing to us. We read all letters, even though we are not able to answer each one personally. Please send postal correspondence to:
Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries
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Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Martin & Deidre,

Thank you for the latest newsletter and the article “Psychotherapists Gone Amok.” While it is unbelievable that the judicial system and insurance industry allow themselves to be fleeced by “psycho-greedy-mythology,” all while psychiatric industry experts are sounding the alarm, it is reprehensible that the Body of Christ would swallow their lies.

Biblical discernment is at an all-time low, but I’m afraid not as low as it can or will go. The embracing of mysticism in the pseudo-church along with the ecumenical and inter-spiritual aspect of that embrace, fits all too well with the mythology of “mental illness” and those who promote it. It’s a match, but not made in heaven, or maybe it is as God prepares to send “strong delusion” to those who have rejected truth.

Political motivation must be at the core of this sham as the politicians walk hand in hand with higher education, or should I say wallets, leading society astray for their own purposes, power and profiting.

It is not surprising that government, science, religion and business are all moving into agreement as they fall prey to this post-scientific age delusion in preparation for antichrist.      New York

Dear Bobgans,

Thank you for the book The Sodomy of Christians. This book is a real eye opener, as are much of the materials from your ministries. It is supported biblically, but it also makes a great deal of sense when considering the world that we live in. It is extremely sensitive information, but much needed. We do not know of anywhere else this subject is discussed.

Thank you for your ministry. Please continue your most valuable work for the body of Christ.    Michigan

Dear Martin & Deidre,

I see psychotherapy as one branch of a very coordinated effort at social engineering. My pre-cult life was woefully ignorant of the vulnerabilities I have discovered in my post-cult life and education. Though you never bring the newsletter into politics—and didn’t in this last issue—the attacks on Trump are merely part of this social engineering process.

Our society is in a struggle for definition: Are there absolutes in reality? Or merely the power brokers of human convention? As children of God, we are always to represent the reality of absolutes—there can be no eternal life without them. Yet the secular founding and applications of psychotherapy engender confusion about such absolutes—even a hostility toward them.

Like Pilate, many today dismissively ask, “What is Truth?” and simply walk away. The founding hope for our future is where all hope resides, with the Author of truth and our Creator, Jesus Christ.     Prisoner


Here are some observations I thought that you might like to consider. There is a difference between doing something the right way or the wrong way. Doing something the right way gives satisfaction, good and lasting results. Doing something the wrong way leads to disappointment, discouragement and very often disaster.

There is also a difference between relief and satisfaction. Having a damaged and diseased finger amputated, brings relief, but not satisfaction. Looking at your newly installed flower bed or re-decorated room brings satisfaction. Satisfaction lingers, it does not vanish quickly.

There is also a vast difference between love and lust. Love commits itself, admires and respects and is willing to sacrifice. Love puts others first. Lust only wants to do what it wants to do, what it is driven to do. Lust has no respect for anyone, no admiration and only loves itself. These differences apply very definitely to sex.

Proper, God-ordained sex, between a man and a woman in marriage, is the proper way, designed by God and based on love, admiration, and respect for the partner, a desire to be around them other than for sex, teammates. It considers their partner first. Proper sex brings satisfaction.  Once the act is completed, there is a very powerful, warm glow that brings us to sleep and often lingers well into the next day.  This glow can be as intense and as satisfying as the act itself and lasts much longer.

Worldly sex, on the other hand, is the wrong way. It is based entirely on lust and has no consideration for others. It is driven by passion and has no respect for the partner. Barbara Olson commented: “Sex takes the least amount of time and causes the most problems of any human activity.” Why? This kind of sex only brings relief, it does not give satisfaction, and it is disappointing. “Pleasures are like poppies spread, you seize the flower the bloom is shed”  (Robert Burns). Once the brief intense encounter is over, it leaves them empty, disappointed because there is no bond, no connection to take over.     Wyoming

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